coronavirus vaccine

Vaccines are like weapons that help boost the immune system. Vaccination is generally done to stimulate antibody cells. These antibodies fight against dangerous organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and germs that enter our bodies. They are tasked to recognize every organism that enters the body. If the organism is dangerous, antibodies will automatically fight it….

Wuhan Coronavirus

As the world grapples with the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID 19), more and more countries are ordering their residents to stay at home. In conditions like today, staying at home is the right way to reduce the spread of COVID 19. The Indonesian government itself advises people to practice social distance, given…

Doctor On Call in Bali

Since the discovery of two suspected cases of Coronavirus in Jakarta, awareness about Coronavirus has increased sharply among tourists visiting Indonesia. This concern is also a conversation among tourists in Bali. Nowadays, relying on a doctor on call in Bali can be the best way to get your health checked. Previously, several world health experts…

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