Include these best food for suhoor to maximize your fasting power

The holy month of Ramadan is the moment when the Al-Qur’an was first revealed. Carrying out the Ramadan procession is considered an obligation when Islamic devotees will undergo a series of religious acts. Doing good deeds and fasting are some of them. In Indonesia, the period of fasting can last from 12-13 hours for 30 days ahead.

Before fasting, they will perform suhoor to prepare their energy before doing regular activities on an empty stomach. At this point, observing suhoor becomes very important. In case one missed his early meals, his body would turn weak in carrying out his daily routines. Considering those activities involve physical activities and he may not eat and drink for more than 10 hours.

Therefore, fulfilling the right nutrition during suhoor will help fasting to be significantly optimal. However, carelessly choosing your diet might instead spark illness. We cover several best food for suhoor that you should incorporate to keep you fully committed to your fast amidst your busy days.

Brown rice          

Brown rice has a complex carbohydrate component to result in a longer absorption process. As the body requires more time to digest, your stomach will retain well-fed for a considerable amount of time. Hence, it requires you to reserve large energy for fasting that you can obtain from carbohydrates. Make sure that your carbohydrate intake is on your list of best food for suhoor. This substance can be found pretty easily in rice, potatoes, and tubers. Note that you should pay attention to its portion. Excessive eating of carbohydrate-containing foods can result in lethargy and weight gain. Also, be careful with a spike of blood sugar because, in the digestive process, carbohydrates eventually dissolve into simple sugars. That’s why diabetics must wisely determine their proportion and pick the greatest kind of complex carbohydrates there is.

High Fiber Food

The key to maximum fasting is consuming fiber at dawn. The content in fiber has the ability to control your hunger. Fiber helps improve your digestion. Reap the benefit from savoring whole grains, fruits and vegetables that you can find in the followings:

  • Vegetables with high fiber: broccoli, spinach, kale, green beans, lettuce, zucchini, celery, bitter melon, peppers, carrots.
  • Fruits high in fiber: apples, bananas, pears, avocados, papayas, red guavas, berries, kiwifruit, tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples.
  • High fiber seeds and nuts: legumes, soybeans, almonds, green beans, peas.


Foods rich in protein help strengthen the immune system so it will avoid you from getting sick during fasting. Incorporating protein leads you to feel full while eating less. At the same time, protein assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels. You can discover foods containing protein in eggs, fish, chicken, milk, and nuts.

Avoid Tempting These Food Criteria to Get the Most Out of Your Fasting

  1. Rather than devouring on lots of sweet food from processed sugar, aim for fruits instead that you can grab and go such as bananas and dates.
  2. Having tea and coffee at dawn can make you lose water quickly by the mechanism of urination. As a result, dehydration will most likely occur.
  3. High salt level in fatty foods also creates intense thirst and fatigue at the latter. You may experience overload in sodium-rich foods when all the thing you craved afterward is chugging water. On a daily basis, it only requires you a small amount so your body can remain functional.
  4. On an empty stomach, spicy food is very dangerous for it may irritate your stomach and thus, trigger indigestion and cramp.

Food Determines One’s Mood

Sometimes it is not about fulfilling whatever you desire. Include the best food for suhoor above and vitamin to jumpstart your day. The first meal you have in the morning, after all, is essential to set the tune for the rest of your day. This will also determine your fast a total success.

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