Staying at home is the safest way to avoid Coronavirus transmission (COVID-19). However, not always you can stay at home, sometimes you also want to leave the house to fulfill essential things.

For example, you want to shop for groceries, take money at a bank or ATM, refuel vehicles, and do other activities in public places.

Staying at home all day may also make you insane, you still need fresh air outside the home. But, going out in a situation like this is too high a risk. You might bump into a lot of people outside your family, and maybe the people you meet have been exposed to COVID-19, who knows?

Now is the time to practice safe ways when leaving the house. In addition to keeping a distance from other people, to wash hands after touching the surface of an object, you are also required to wear a mask. Remember, in Indonesia, there have been over 3,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

We all know this new type of coronavirus is very contagious and can even transmit from those without symptoms. The following are smart tips to follow in order to stay safe when you need to leave home.

Stay Safe Way to Leave Home When the Pandemic COVID-19

Reduce Risk Exposed When Shopping

Health experts at the CDC advise on who should and should not wear masks in public places. Previously, health experts agreed that masks, especially disposable medical masks, should only be used by sick people and medical staff. However, the increasingly alarming spread of COVID-19 makes them recommend masks to be worn by everyone when out of the house. People who live in areas with high transmission rates are required to wear masks even when they are at home.

Because medical masks are rare and expensive, you can wear masks made of cloth. Garnish your nose and mouth with a cloth mask, especially when you want to leave the house to fulfill something important.

Health experts from CDC, see cloth face masks can slow the spread of disease, in addition to maintaining social distance, especially from high-risk groups such as senior citizens and people with weak immunity.

You can make your own face mask with a cotton cloth. The cloth used as a tablecloth or bed sheet is the best for a face mask. Homemade masks are useful for blocking large particles like sneezing and coughing.

Limit Your Fingers

Use your knees, elbows, feet, or knuckles instead of your fingertips. You might press a button or pull the lever every time you open the door in a public place. Stop. Use other body parts to do it.

For example, when making payments at the convenience store cashier, prioritize using digital transactions. Similarly, when you open the door of the mini-market, use your feet or elbows to push the door instead of your hands.

If this is not possible, you can wrap any door handle with your tissue or jacket. Wash your jacket after you travel. We never know, what particles are attached to the door handles, ATM buttons, and the surface of money moreover, if you will use your hands to touch food and face.

Keep Distance, Seriously

Maintaining physical and social distance must be done at this time. Keeping your distance means that you have to refrain from seeing your friends and family, and keeping a line between Ada and others when you are out of the house.

It’s essential to practice a safe distance of 5 feet or 1.5 meters from people outside your group when queuing at the grocery store or buying food. Take your food and drinks to go and don’t eat in public places.

Clean Cellphone With Disinfectant

Watch where you put your cellphone. Avoid placing your device on a fragile surface. The less you expose your cell phone to the surface together, the less risk your cellphone is exposed to invisible virus particles.

Use a Reused Tote Bag

Carrying a tote bag can reduce the spread of the virus. Don’t forget to clean your tote bag after use. Wipe the tote bag with wet tissue or liquid alcohol.

If you visit a store, choose a store that provides baskets and sanitizer soap for its customers. To be more secure, you can also prepare your tissue and hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to wash your hands immediately when you get home.

Place Shipments Outside the Home

Tell the clerk the package delivery person to put the goods you ordered at the door. Better to retreat than to rush to take things from them. Even though you don’t greet the delivery agent directly, it looks rude. Still, you must do it to maintain your security. If you get things from a neighbor, thank them and ask politely to back down one and a half meters for mutual protection.

Wash Hands, Change Clothes, and Take a Bath Every Time You Get Home

Washing hands with soap and running water are one of your best defenses. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap whenever you come from outside the home. Change the clothes you wear from outside the house, and immediately take a shower to shed any invisible particles that may carry viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Stay safe everyone!

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