This article contains our most recommended vaccinations; supposedly, you are thinking of staying long-term in Bali.

Today might not be the best and safest days to be venturing out. The good news is, the tense of the epidemic began to subside in 2021 with the aid of vaccinations. Hence, it raises more possibilities for traveling in the future ahead. Moreover, according to, more and more countries have loosened up their travel restrictions. We can denote about 43 countries allow traveling under situation-monitoring, and 123 countries partially open their access. However, we regret to say that Indonesia’s entry is still under a strict prohibition to visit for non-Indonesian nationals.

Consider These Vaccinations Before Heading Off for Your Bali Trip

We will help you identify which shots we see the most beneficial for your grand tour to Bali. If you are residing in Bali yet have not gotten your vaccinations, you can consult our doctors at Puri Medical Bali to get an insight into our vaccination procedures. We take our vaccination service very seriously. Our physicians ensure our patients by a comprehensive examination to avoid any complications by certain vaccines. Furthermore, we keep our vaccines in proper storage and derive them from our most trusted and approved suppliers.

Typhoid Fever

Salmonella is a species of bacteria responsible for this gastrointestinal infection, salmonella typhi to be exact. The bacteria live in an area with poor sanitation. We need to cure it immediately or it will be grave for the sick. The bacteria are transmitted from person to person. The infected or the carrier (who does not show any symptoms) contaminates the other person’s food and drink because of his inadequate personal hygiene when handling the food. Long-term travelers are at risk of getting the disease. Therefore, do not attempt to drink tap water unless you boil it beforehand, and always keep your eating utensils clean. Getting the typhoid shot surely comes in handy during your journey in developing countries around South East Asia.

Hepatitis A

Similar to typhoid fever, hepatitis A spreads through polluted food and drink and direct contact to the infected by sharing similar utensils. Hepatitis A causes pain in your abdomen and nausea. It is an acute liver disease. Even though it is preventable by vaccine, it can be life-threatening if people above the age of 50 endure the disease with other liver-related complications.


It is a bacteria-related disease that harms a person from respiratory droplets when people cough or sneeze. The appearance of gray coating marks the disease. They build up in the throat and nose. Corynebacterium diphtheria will be a toxin to healthy tissues in the respiratory system if it is not treated and prevented. The blockage of the respiratory tract makes it hard for the victim to breathe and swallow. The bacteria might infect the skin and cause ulcers as well. One will experience a sore throat, a swollen gland in the neck area, and fever. A tetanus shot is basic for everyone in Indonesia as well. The last injection should not be longer than ten years.


It is also a basic shot that is a must-have for kids in Indonesia. They should generally receive two doses of the MMR vaccine. The vaccine combined is a preventive step for children to catch these deadly viruses of measles, mumps, and rubella. The MMR vaccine for international travelers is necessary to prevent their body from getting the viruses. Since the vaccines are meant to act as a prevention for three diseases, you can seek advice from our doctors to comprehend more regarding this vaccination process.


It is one of the most common diseases that often occur to international travelers visiting South East Asia. Bacteria defile the food and drink which are not appropriately processed in sanitation. The main characteristic of the sickness is sudden constant diarrhea. Severe diarrhea is fatal to the victim because he will lose a lot of fluids.  Cholera vaccination can be a necessary precaution before you head out to your destination countries.

Do I Need Vaccinations for Bali?

In actuality, there are no explicit requirements obliging short-trip travelers to pass vaccinations for Bali. These recommended vaccinations are appropriate for those arranging a lengthy excursion to the exotic island and challenging themselves to try out everything to not missing out on what Bali has to offer. Typically, it would help if you prepared for the vaccine plan around 6-12 weeks before your departure. After the vaccination process, you will experience side effects while the body is developing an immune system. It takes quite some time; therefore, you need to rest well.

As a popular tourist destination, local and international tourists miss Bali –its potent cultural heritages, gorgeous natural landscapes, unique taste of cuisines, and humble, diverse community. Are you in some way planning to scoot around for a while on the island and try on their street food?

For your safe journey, we strongly recommend you to have yourselves immunized! Vaccinations are reliable to avoid a lot of infectious diseases. Have you got your vaccinations? Puri Medical Bali offers the vaccination services that you need. The vaccines for the diseases above are available at our clinic. Read more about our vaccination service here or consult our professional doctors to schedule your vaccination plan at our phone number + (62) 85 100 103 103 or send us an email via [email protected].

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