Does double masking make a difference? Learn double masking benefits and how to double masking with Puri Medical Bali

Since we still have doubts about when SARS-CoV-2 is going to end, the practice of wearing a mask is no longer an option, it’s a must. Indonesia has been in lockdown from July 26 until today(08/20) seeing the case development of the delta variant of COVID-19 remains high. To prevent people from contracting the fast pace of viral infection, the new regulation that the government has suggested today is double masking. Is double masking worth it? Read more to find out.

How-to Double Masking

When we’re speaking about mask options, the common ones include cloth masks, surgical masks, and KN95 masks. To do double masking means you put on two masks by layering one mask over the other. The point about double masking is that we’re trying to create double protection that can seal the nose and mouth areas so when we’re breathing in and out we don’t leave space for the droplets of the virus to find entrance out of our mask. Several recommendations suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in the following:

  • Use the combination of a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask. Press down the surgical mask before layering it with a cloth mask to ensure there is no air leaking around the sides of the mask. This method has been quite effective in improving the protection of the users.
  • If you are wearing KN95 or N95, there is no need to stack it with any masks. Also, you cannot double mask with two surgical or medical masks. The loose design in surgical masks will not help in tightening the gaps in between those masks.
  • Double masking is advised when you travel to busy areas such as public places and transportations, visiting for a doctor appointment if you have to work and cannot properly maintain physical distancing.

Double Masking Benefits

Since you are now aware of how to do double masking, you might as well be mindful concerning double masking benefits. The aim of double masking is to reduce the chance of viral droplets coming through the mask. With the filter materials integrated into a mask, you can reduce the chance of inhaling the virus. Therefore, CDC requires the use of a mask with at least two or three layers of fabric. Given the aerosol from coughing and breathing simulated by the CDC, over 80% of the aerosol particles are filtered by the practice of double masking. In contrast to single masking, it can only block approximately 50% of the particles thus makes it more prone for the wearers to be at high risk of catching viral diseases.

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To boost double masking’s benefits

It is also important to improve your cloth masks by opting for masks with more than one layer in addition to masks fit for your nose and mouth areas (not too tight and not too loose as well). Do not attempt to use crocheted or knitted masks. This is because the materials are not going to protect you at all. Instead, choose masks with braces and a nose wire so it will secure the sides of the masks and avoid your glasses from clouding up. Further actions that support the prevention of the delta variant such as the 5M health protocol and 3T consisting of applying a mask, regular hand washing, physical distancing, avoiding the bustling areas with little space for ventilation, and limiting mobility. We should also implement 3T (testing, tracing, treatment) in order to cut off the chain of the infected ones.

If you’re doubtful about your health conditions as you experience related symptoms to coronavirus, immediately have yourself tested. Perform home isolation until the result is eventually published and you are confirmed COVID-19 negative. We hope this article answers your ultimate question of “does double masking make a difference?”

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