New Normal

Spend almost three months quarantine at home must be feeling so bored for all of you right? After Indonesia declares to begin New Normal, many people already going out from home. They may go to the office, mall or maybe any other kind of leisure place. It is actually a big decision for our government to keep running the regular activities in the mid of the pandemic. Because the economy must be kept in the circle to gain a profit and maintain the human living in the state.

Starting the New Normal life does not mean we can do anything like a normal thing in the past before the pandemic. We should remember that the Coronavirus has not disappeared at all. Going outside in this situation actually will make us 100% potentially have and spread the virus also. Therefore, for those who already decided to start your regular activities and going out traveling, please keep in mind to strictly prevent yourselves from the spread of the Coronavirus. Here are some essentials travel kits along with health protocols that you must use and bring wherever you go during the New Normal.

Wear and bring more than one mask(s)

Starting the New Normal, what you should always wear while doing any kind of activity is a face mask. Remember, surgical masks are only for healthcare workers and other first responders, so everyone else should wear a cloth face mask. Keep in mind that these washable cloth masks should not be worn for more than four hours. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a spare of clean face masks with you as well, especially if you going out traveling all day long. There are many sellers who sell face masks with unique designs. Wearing a mask has become a trend now. Besides having good designs, many face masks now also have filters, which can make us feel safer. When you’re wearing a mask, don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth! Do not put it down except you are already at home.

Always remember to bring hand-sanitizer

Another preventive measure to avoid the spread of the virus is to always make sure your hands were clean. Hands potentially become a place where the virus stays. You can wash your hand regularly after touching anything in public areas, perhaps after you pressed that lift button, or after you touched hard surfaces somewhere on your travel journey to some places. If you do not find a near support facility to wash your hand, you can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. That is why you need to bring your own hand sanitizer everywhere in your bag!

Bring anti-bacterial wipes & disinfectant spray

In addition to hand sanitizer, it is a good idea to keep anti-bacterial wipes in your bag. Anti-bacterial wipes can remove common allergen germs on many surfaces. For example, if you are planning to travel using an airplane, train, or bus, you may need to wipe your seat especially the head and armrest using disinfectant wipes. Apart from anti-bacterial wipes, the disinfectant spray is also important to stop the spread of germs. You can carry one with you everywhere.

Wear long sleeves and long pants

You also need to pay attention to the outfit that you wear in your regular activities. Especially if you go out traveling using public transportation or other public areas that are surrounded by many people. In this situation, you better wear long sleeves and long pants, if not you also can use a jacket. It is needed to avoid the droplets from other people contaminating your outfit. Wear socks and shoes also, make sure all parts of your body are covered as well. You need to be extra cautious because you do not know who you will meet on the way or whether someone has the virus or not. So, you better be safe!

Bring your own cutlery and tumbler

After a long time no see your friend, maybe you have planning to eat together somewhere. And you want to share your food or drink with them. But you are strictly forbidden to do that! Do not ever try to share your food or drink on the same plate or glass with your friend. The virus is unseen and it can transmit through close contact with someone else. So, you should not share your food or cutlery at the moment. You better bring your own cutlery rather than using shared ones in public areas. Besides the cutlery, you also need to bring your tumbler as well.

Bring your own prayer set

Since places of worship are open, now you can pray in a public mosque with other people. But, to keep you safe, it is better to bring your own personal prayer items. Keep a safe distance between others as well. Preparing your own travel-sized prayer sets; such as prayer mat and/ or clothes, in your bag. It will more safe to use your own rather than the ones prepared in public prayer rooms.

Carry vitamins

To maintain your condition keep fit during the activities in New Normal, you need to always bring vitamin C in your bag. It is important to boost your immune system by living a healthy life.

Bring face shield

Sometimes only wearing a face mask does not enough to protect yourself, if you are in an area that possibly meets many people. You probably need extra protection, so you can feel safe when in public areas. Then, buy a face shield is one of the solutions to have extra protection, it is very nice to avoid the droplets by people when they are sneezing or coughing. Currently, face shields also have become a norm around the world. Some countries have made the use of face shields mandatory in public places.

Besides you should prepare yourself with the travel stater kit above while going outside or traveling around Bali, you also need to have a list of the nearest clinic in Bali. By knowing this, you can prepare yourself when an unwell feeling suddenly occurs in the mid of your activities. Bali has international standards of medical infrastructure. Many medical facilities provide services for foreigners, with multilingual staff, specialist doctors, and clinics that open 24 hours. You can easily find clinics that are close to where you live.

In the Canggu area, for example, there are many international standard health facilities available with complete medical facilities here. This area provides many international standard clinics that are open 24 hours. You have to choose the clinic closest to where you stay. Searching on the Google engine also helps. You can type the keyword “Clinic near me”, or “clinic in Canggu” to find the best clinic. You can choose clinics in Canggu that provide professional services with multilingual staff. Puri Medical Clinic, for example, can be the best choice for you. It is recommended because of the complete health care facilities that it has, such as laboratory and emergency service.

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