Febrile Seizure in Children

Fever can be very dangerous for children. When a child’s body temperature is way too high (above 38˚C or 100.4˚F), it can cause a kind of convulsion. This condition is known as a febrile seizure. It commonly happens for children at the ages of 6 to 5 years old. Most cases record children in normal development with febrile seizures often befall the age range of 12 to 18 months old. Although harmless and does not signify adverse health conditions, the symptoms are often too terrifying to witness especially by parents. Febrile seizure in children derives from fever, could be either by bacteria or viral infection and it could happen post-vaccination as well.

Find out more regarding Febrile Seizure in children from the causes, symptoms, and first aid for parents with Puri Medical Clinic in Bali.

Febrile Seizure in Children – Symptoms

Anyone who has experienced and seen febrile seizure in children for themselves might agree to say that – it is scary – and we totally understood why. Parents might be shocked and panic when their children suddenly show these symptoms in the following:

  • Your child might faint because of it
  • High fever
  • Shaking body movements
  • Eye rolls up

Depending upon how long your child encounters the illness, there are two kinds of febrile seizure:

Simple Febrile Seizures

The jerking movement happens to the whole-body part. But it will not be recurrent in 24 hours. The duration for simple febrile seizures might last for a few seconds and not more than 15 minutes.

Complex Febrile Seizures

Seizure only appears at one part of the body; it could be in the child’s left hand and leg or the opposite. Seizures might repeat in the period of 24 hours and each time the child’s body starts shaking for over 15 minutes.

How to Handle Febrile Seizure in Children – First Aid

It is very important for parents to stay calm when their children are experiencing febrile seizures. Don’t hold him down during his jerking movement and follow these steps below:

  • Place your child very gently in his side position on a flat surface. Lying your child on his side allows him to properly breathe and avoid choking and blocking his airway.
  • During and after seizures, don’t put anything in his mouth
  • Watch out for the bluish disposition on your child’s face
  • Release whatever clothing that is around your child’s neck
  • If seizures keep ongoing for more than 5 minutes or the seizures are recurring more than 1 within the 24-hour period and his face is starting to be bluish in color, immediately run him to the nearby hospital.

Before Febrile Seizure in Children Happening…

Don’t take fever in children for granted especially when they have got the records of febrile seizures. As soon as your children feel very uncomfortable about their fever, try your best to give them the prescribed medicine as directed by your doctors such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Put a cold compress on their forehead to reduce the heat.

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