For those who loved traveling, health is one of the most important things.  This is a serious problem when you enjoying exploring beautiful destinations and feeling unwell. Most major cities now have clinics that offer specific services to travelers and expats. But, it is difficult to find reliable medical care in rural areas.

For example, you visited Bali Indonesia, and just traveling around the Island. You were interested to visit some villages that are located far enough from the cities. While enjoying the moment, immediately you feel unwell because your body adapts to the environment. The first thing to do is you should to enter “clinic near me” in your Google search. It’s good to choose clinics for emergencies.

Bali is known as an international tourist destination. Don’t worry, there are many international standard health facilities in Bali. Badung regency is one of the most favorite destinations in Bali. Canggu is one of the business areas in Badung. You can try to search Clinic in Canggu as a choice.

There are several health problems often experienced by tourists. Beware if you face the following health problems :

Air Pollution

Air pollution, particularly vehicle pollution, is a problem in cities. If you have severe respiratory problems, speak with your doctor before traveling. This pollution also causes minor respiratory problems such as sinusitis, dry throat, and irritated eyes.


Bali has tropical weather. Those who take a long vacation in Bali must adapt to the hot climate. You should avoid dehydration and excessive activity in the heat to avoid the following conditions :

Heat Exhaustion: Feeling weak, headache, irritability, nausea, sweaty skin, weak pulse. You must to getting out of the sun, applying a cool cloth, and rehydrating with water.

  • Heat strokes: These symptoms come suddenly and make you feel dizziness, confusion with a high body temperature over 41 Celcius.
  • Prickly Heat: A common skin rash caused by sweat being trapped under the skin. It makes itchy.

Bites and Stings

A tropical climate is a good place for bugs. They live in the cracks of furniture and walls. They may migrate to the bed at night to feed on you. But don’t worry, bugs don’t carry disease, their bites just make itchy so bad. You can treat the itch with an antihistamine.

The other case is if you loved to swim on the beach, be careful of the jellyfish. Warm waters are their home. Most jellyfish stings are not dangerous, but stings can be extremely painful.


If you came to the Beach, like Kuta, you will see some tourists with roasted skin. Sunburn is the most problematic for you who came from 4 season countries, like Europe and America.

Several medical care facilities in Bali offer a superior standard of care. If you are in Canggu Badung, you can choose the best health facilities. Choose the international standard facilities that provide complete service

If you need the best services, you can choose Puri Medical Clinic (PMC). Located in a tourist area, Kerobokan district Canggu, Puri Medical Clinic has the best quality healthcare services in the town. Lead by Dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih, PMC licensed to provide a variety of healthcare services includes an emergency department, a 24/7 outpatient clinic, dentistry unit, laboratory, and ambulance transport. PMC is the best choice for travelers and expats in Bali.

Source: The Muse, Quora

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