The monkeypox vaccine is one of the efforts to reduce the increasing number of cases. The vaccine has been used in several countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, in Indonesia, the monkeypox vaccine is not yet available.

The monkeypox vaccine used globally is a modified smallpox vaccine. The monkeypox virus is still a family with the variola virus that causes smallpox. So, the smallpox vaccine is considered capable of triggering the formation of immunity to the monkeypox virus.

The vaccine has not been recommended to be given in bulk. According to the World Health Organization or WHO, the monkeypox vaccine is recommended only for people who are at high risks, such as those:

  • People who have had close contact with monkeypox sufferers.
  • People who work in health facilities that treat people with monkeypox.
  • Laboratory workers at the monkeypox vaccine development site. 

Facts about Monkeypox Vaccine

To find out more about the vaccine, here are the facts about the monkeypox vaccine that you need to know:

  • Two Types of FDA-approved Monkeypox Vaccines

Monkeypox can spread through close contact, such as skin-to-skin contact with infected people or animals. To control the outbreak and slow its spread, the FDA has approved the following two monkeypox vaccines:


The JYNNEOS vaccine is a third-generation smallpox vaccine made from live, attenuated, non-reproducing viruses. This vaccine is also known as Immune or Imvanex.

The JYNNEOS vaccine is the only vaccine the FDA approved for emergency use to prevent monkeypox in high-risk people. This vaccine is given in 2 doses at an interval of 4 weeks.

ACAM2000 Vaccine

This vaccine is a second-generation vaccine to prevent smallpox. The ACAM2000 vaccine has not been approved for emergency use against monkeypox.

The use of the ACAM2000 vaccine to fight monkeypox virus infection must be carried out under close supervision because it contains live viruses that can multiply in human cells.

The ACAM2000 vaccine is given in 1 dose and requires monitoring for side effects for at least four weeks after vaccination.

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People Who Need to Get Monkeypox Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States recommends the vaccine for people exposed to monkeypox or those at high risk of being infected with monkeypox. The targets of the vaccine are:

  • People who have close contact with someone who is infected with monkeypox.
  • People who have had sex with someone tested positive for monkeypox.
  • People who work in laboratories and handle samples or animals with orthopoxvirus.
  • Health workers.
  • Children under the age of 8 years.

Vaccine Administration Time

Monkeypox vaccine should be obtained before being infected with the disease. Even so, this vaccine can still be given when someone has been infected because vaccines can prevent illness or make symptoms less severe.

For a person infected with monkeypox, the CDC recommends getting the vaccine within four days after the date of exposure to get the best benefit. This will prevent the virus from multiplying. Vaccination can be given between 4 to 14 days after exposure before symptoms develop.

Vaccine Preparation in Indonesia

According to the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Mohammad Syahril, since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the existence of monkeypox, the Indonesian government has been preparing to face the disease caused by the virus.

Meanwhile, for the type of vaccine to be used in Indonesia, the Ministry of Health is still waiting for a recommendation from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

That’s all you need to know about monkeypox vaccine facts. While waiting for further policies on vaccines in Indonesia, the best effort to prevent infection at this time is always to maintain hand and food hygiene. Also, avoid coming into contact with animals that risk spreading disease.

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