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Our body is living magic, created by numerous complicated systems that allow us to properly function as human beings, sustained and inhabited by other organisms at the same time. Haven’t we been told relentlessly how important it is to keep up with its cleanliness and how dental health affects overall health? Everything in your mouth has its significance in supporting our physical and mental health. Imagine having your teeth gone due to a poor dental condition at a young age? How will you enjoy your favorite food? Your meal times will always be a stress-out moment and endless misery.

Although cosmetic dentistry options are available, why bother to spend so much cost on them while you can try to keep your oral health as simple as brushing, flossing with antimicrobial mouthwash, and regularly doing checkups at the dentist?

What Does Poor Dental Condition Reveal about Your Poor Lifestyle?

Clearly, a poor dental condition also indicates a lot about what happens to your body from the inside. Plaques, for instance, occur from your poor oral hygiene. Everything you eat has sugars in it, not the granulated kind but a type of sugar that resulted from the foods being processed by your body. When leftover foods are trapped between your teeth for so long, they’ll build up and form plaques. Our mouth is a dwelling to millions of bacteria and they help us a lot in performing digestive system. However, given the circumstances above, these bacteria will continue eating sugars in your enamels. If you are so lazy to maintain your oral health, the plaques will lead to cavities and also gingivitis (gum disease).

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While a plain toothache is already a sore to the head, we are aware of how painful it can influence our whole body when we suffer from it, right? To make things worse, bacteria infecting the teeth area from a poor dental condition can expand to vital organs through the bloodstream and this is what we would like to best avoid.

How Dental Health Affects Overall Health

Let’s identify the health concerns related to how dental health affects overall health in the following.

How dental health affects overall health: Diabetic patients are prone to gum diseases

One can hardly control their sugar level with diabetes. Therefore, it worsens the chance of them catching gum diseases. Their gums will be swollen and may bleed as well. This is the early stage of gingivitis. As it infects the gums further, it may develop into periodontal disease. You might suffer from a major loss of teeth because your gums are so weak they barely hold the teeth. This is why it is a must for diabetic patients to attend to their oral health at this point.

How dental health affects overall health: Poor dental condition means an increased risk of heart diseases

The bacteria responsible for your gum inflammation might have their way to your heart through the bloodstream by blocking the arteries walls and causing atherosclerosis and endocarditis. It means you are also prone to getting a heart attack.

A poor dental condition could trigger Alzheimer’s disease

It possibly occurs from the gingivitis bacteria slipping through your bloodstream and then triggering inflammation thus, affecting the brain.

Lung infections

The bacteria might accumulate as dental plaque on your oral surfaces and infect your respiratory tract leading to pneumonia.


Tooth missing is also associated with rheumatoid arthritis. A study found that arthritis patients have been more exposed to the bacteria that cause gingivitis. The more severe the infection that comes from gingivitis, the worse is their rheumatoid arthritis.

Practice Decent Oral Hygiene

Recognizing how bad a poor dental condition can cause for our body, we should not take oral hygiene for granted. Your teeth require a full-time treatment that should be at least twice a day after you wake up and before you sleep. A regular check-up at the dentist will help restore the balance of bacteria within your mouth and maintain your oral health. By implementing proper dental care, it will ensure your body is happy in the long run.

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