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Are you on holiday or work in Bali and having a problem with your teeth or want to do routine dental care? If you need a Dentist Bali, you can find quality dental care. Using a quality dentist not only increases self-confidence but also prevents and eliminates tooth discomfort in the long run.

You and your dentist will become partners in dental health care, and therefore you must find a dentist who makes you feel comfortable. Therefore, choosing a dentist that you trust is very important. How to choose the right dentist?

To get a dentist that suits your needs, consider asking the following questions to get started:


Oral and dental health is the key to a healthy smile, so start with details that best suit your lifestyle and dental care needs. Some things to consider including

  • Is this dentist clinic easily accessible from your hotel, home or place of work?
  • Do they have comfortable working hours?
  • If you have dental health insurance, is this dentist in your network?
  • Doctor-patient communication is essential. Do you need a translation service or translator?

Now that you are in the stage of choosing a dentist, you might see advertisements online, in the newspaper, and even when crossing the street. Social media sites may also have patient reviews from dentist near you, but remember that everyone’s dental health needs and experiences are their own and cannot be generalised.

A dentist can use methods or equipment that are not hygienic. Therefore look at the dental clinic and the tools used there whether it looks clean and hygienic or not.

Try to make sure the doctor at the dental clinic patiently listens to your worries and pain. Does the dentist explain the treatment method or procedure that you will go through or not? A skilled and experienced doctor will usually listen to your complaints patiently and will tell you what procedures you will undergo.


Dentists must pay attention to details about caring for their patients. A thorough examination plus x-ray is needed to establish the diagnosis before making an individual patient care plan.


Clinical examination, an examination of all teeth, gums, tongue, lips, inner cheeks, the skin around the face and neck. The dentist will then explain the results of the examination and treatment plan if there are any problems found.


Treatment results can be received from the duration of treatment results can last. For example, patches that are easily separated or new holes appear around the site for some time will indicate poor quality dentist care.

However, it must also be considering that the duration of treatment results not only occur after the dentist’s approval but also require patient collaboration to follow the rules of care at home as determined by the doctor.


Good quality care does not have to be expensive. The size of the cost of dental care varies greatly depending on the dentist we choose. What is important is that we believe that the care needed and the quality of our dentists are good. Make sure you have agreed and agreed to the treatment plan submitted by the dentist before receiving treatment.

Most dentists don’t have to pay considerable fees. But you do not need to be ashamed to ask for the costs you need for treatment and require additional expenses in the middle of treatment. This needs to anticipate from the start, and you don’t need to pay more than expected.


Ask your friends or acquaintances, which dentist they recommend. Usually, this is one of the best ways to determine which dentist you will visit before you confirm treatment. In the end, your own opinion is very decisive.

  1. Follow people’s advice. You can ask people about doctor requests. If the doctor experienced, then what you ask will be answered with pleasure.
  2. You can also search for information about dentists via the internet. Using the internet will save you time.
  3. Visit several well-known health centres in Bali to get information about the right dentist. You can consider the advice of the health centre as a reference or even a place for a consultation.

After finding the right dentist in bali for your needs, don’t forget to keep checking your dental health routine to the dentist. Routine inspection is one way of proper care and prevention. Immediately visit the dentist when you feel there are complaints such as small holes or bleeding gums before the pain appears. If there are cavities, quickly patch the cavities, If you experience cavity problems, consult a dentist before causing various diseases.

So how do you choose the right dentist? In general, all dentists are as excellent and good because they are standardised. Choose a dentist in Bali who is comfortable for you to talk to and talk well about your oral health problems.

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