examine oral health problems affected by acute complications of diabetes mellitus at Puri Medical Dental Clinic Bali

The problem of keeping your oral health in check also involves maintaining your blood sugar. People indicated with high blood sugar tend to be at risk of developing complications of diabetes mellitus. One of them is oral diseases. You might want to focus your attention on keeping your oral health more than ever if you are contracting diabetes mellitus.

Moreover, it is important to care for your oral hygiene as it takes a toll on your overall health. Well-maintained teeth and gums keep yourself happy; it gives a boost to your self-esteem. Also, having healthy teeth simply means you can chew and bite your favorite delights for the longest time possible. The pain coming from tooth and gum infection is almost unbearable so it’s best to avoid it by thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth and scheduling a regular check-up at the dentist.

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How Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Related to Oral Health

We are mindful of the fact that any food or beverages we’re about to consume must undergo a digestion process that first occurs in the mouth. What happens when you have diabetes mellitus? High blood sugar can deteriorate white blood cells as part of the immune system to protect your body especially against bacterial infection that might happen in the mouth. It is easy to get gum and other oral diseases under this circumstance. Moreover, the high sugar level in your body does not only apply to your blood but also to your saliva. Our teeth contain a lot of bacteria that eat on sugar once they are built up without comprehensive oral health management, it may further develop into tooth cavities and gum disease which are very difficult to improve once you have acute complications of diabetes mellitus.

What do oral problems look like in diabetes patients?

To reduce the significant impact of oral problems from diabetes, the following is what diabetes sufferers often face on a daily basis.

  • Their mouth produces less saliva leading to the feeling of dryness in your mouth area. In the worst case, it can cause soreness and ulcer.
  • Gums easily bleed and swell.
  • Prolonged recovery from mouth infections.

Preventing the Worst Cases before You Experience Severe Tooth Loss

If you are already inflicted with gum disease, arrange a regular check-up at the dentist to keep your teeth areas clean. Ensure that there is no sign of plaques and tooth cavities. Always attend your visit set by your dental clinic for oral health therapy sessions. Observe excellent practices of oral hygiene and forget about smoking as it contributes to worsening up not only your diabetes but your oral health problems. If your blood sugar level is not stable as expected, you should delay any non-emergency dental treatments unless infections like abscesses advance quickly if it is not tended to immediately.

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Ways to Prevent Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

Other things you can do to keep your blood level on the right track is to consult first to your doctor about the doses and types of insulin that you can take. Always do a proper check on your blood sugar level. Additionally, you need to stick to a certain meal plan for diabetes patients for the treatment to succeed. This includes meal portioning and starts to be mindful of what you’re about to consume. You are required to limit yourself from soda drinks, artificial sweeteners that might be in form of food and beverages, and prioritize food that is lower in saturated fat, calories, salt, and sugar. Although being physically active is advisable for diabetes patients, keep in mind that it might be dangerous to exercise while your urine contains ketones as they can increase your blood sugar level.

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