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Misalignment in your teeth can turn out to affect your oral health. While one crooked tooth is enough to make you less confident and uncomfortable about your look, it can get quite severe in the long run.  You need to see a professional and receive oral treatment immediately. How does an overlapping tooth happen in the first place? How does it affect your health? Find out in the following.

Defining Malocclusion

Malocclusion is another way to say a condition of tooth that is misaligned, overlying, and might give rise to oral health problems. Several people can get more than one overlapping tooth. This occurs because of several reasons. The people could be inborn with it (they inherit the size of the jaw and teeth from their parents or grandparents). On the other hand, overlapping teeth can be triggered by prolonged sucking habits of thumb, bottle, and pacifier that can change their oral structure.

Other conditions that could possibly influence the occurrence are unusually shaped teeth, cramped space within the jawbone, jaw misalignment, the abnormal growth of extra teeth, oral tumor, improper placement of teeth fillings and crowns.

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What Overlapping Teeth Might Lead to?

People with this oral issue can have a hard time chewing their food in a proper manner and a higher possibility of suffering from an overbite. Not only that, it will be difficult for them to reach the misalignment area of the teeth to do thorough flossing and brushing. If they let this going, the condition will continue to worsen and result in tooth decay and gum disease, gingivitis that can develop into periodontitis.

People always say that they’d rather have their heartbroken than a toothache. If the problem is severe, the diseased person can experience extreme pain in their head and jaw. It will almost feel like the pains envelop the overall head area.

Does every overlapping tooth require treatment?

Surprisingly no, it doesn’t.  There are a number of considerations that determine when you should have it fixed. Those include the severity level and age. Your dentist might suggest a way to look after the affected teeth by regularly brushing and flossing in order to avoid gum diseases if you have slightly overlapping teeth.  Another factor is age. The recovery chance for young age patients is higher. It is also so much easier to correct young teeth and more affordable too. Oral treatment for malocclusion helps improve the patients’ oral health. It influences their level of living especially those who were afflicted to medium to severe levels of overlapping teeth.

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Treatment Options for Overlapping Teeth

By considering the level of severity and your age, you can gain more effective treatment. Several cosmetic dentistry options can help you out such as braces, clear aligners, and surgery.

The first two options are perfect to reshape your jaw and set right your teeth gradually. Between braces and clear aligners, the second one might be less noticeable and more flexible to be put on and off than the former option.  Both carry a similar method to give pressure to the teeth that should be used based on the orthodontist’s instructions. Adult teeth can also be slower to improve than young ones. Moreover, you need to also checkup at the dentist periodically to see the progress. Surgery is taken to patients with extreme overlapping teeth cases; might it be to modify your jaw or to remove an extra tooth.

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Finding the Best Trusted Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry in Bali

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