Plaque Buildup on Teeth

One of the very reasons people are having a trip to our dental clinic in Bali is mostly to get rid of their plaque and tartar. Plaque is almost unavoidable when we use our teeth to chew what we eat every day. It is the sticky film enveloping our tooth enamel from the activity of bacteria in our mouth eating sugary food. Performing regular brushing and flossing can remove the plaque from your teeth. However, when you just let it just is, the bacteria within will cause tooth decay and gum inflammation. Moreover it can cause to tooth loss from the acids that are weakening the enamel. As the plaque buildup on teeth is hardened, it forms tartar or dental calculus. It is harder to remove and you will need professional help at a dental clinic to get rid of it.

Check out this post to gain a better understanding of the 5 things that might increase your plaque buildup on teeth below.

#1 Starchy food can increase your plaque buildup on teeth

Diet high in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates is what feeds the bacteria in our mouth. Once the food meets the bacteria, during the process, they will release acids to disintegrate the carbohydrates.  When the bacteria, carbohydrates, and acids are mixed together in your mouth, a kind of film will attach to your tooth enamel. This is the beginning of plaque buildup on teeth.  On the other hand, complex carbohydrates with rich amounts of proteins and oils are associated with a lower risk of plaque buildup on teeth. Therefore, brush your teeth as soon as possible when you have done consuming sugary drinks and food.

#2 Smoking

We are certain that smoking is bad for our health. But in general, not many realize the adversity it has to our teeth, gums, and mouth. And yes, besides staining your teeth, smoking can cause a series of tooth loss, gum disease, to mouth cancer. Smokers are more prone to develop plaque-causing bacteria. This will contribute to their likelihood to catch gum disease. Since the lungs in smokers do not produce a normal capacity of oxygen in their bloodstream, the affected gums are difficult to recover. In addition to the abundant bacteria accumulated in their mouth, the appearance of gum disease in smokers is worse than those who are not smoking. Further, this will lead to severe tooth loss.

#3 Wearing Braces

People are wearing braces to straighten their crooked or uneven teeth. Amidst the process, you have to use your braces long enough. When it is time to release them, you will also experience teeth discoloration, why is it so? Plaque buildup on teeth with braces especially in the areas of brackets is actually pretty common. The sticky film of your plaque might already be hardened completely into tartar because you have a hard time reaching the tricky areas behind your braces. This is the ultimate reason why you should follow through with the dental checkup schedule during the time you use braces.

#4 Dry Mouth

There are several causes that contribute to dry mouth or xerostomia. These include the side effects of certain medications, aging, chemotherapy, nerve damage around your head and neck area, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and diverse health conditions. A dry mouth is a condition when your mouth does not produce an adequate amount of saliva. Saliva helps neutralize acids generated by the bacteria and prevent their growth. A dry mouth gives a chance for bacteria in your mouth to develop rapidly and thus, increases plaque buildup on teeth.

#5 Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when your blood is contaminated with high levels of glucose or sugar. However, glucose does not only appear in your bloodstream but also in your saliva. Too much sugar in your mouth can trigger bacteria growth and quicken plaque buildup on teeth. As it is collected into tartar, you are susceptible to gingivitis or gum disease. A dental checkup in diabetes patients is advisable as it helps control the number of bacteria in the patient’s mouth gradually.

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Everyone Is Liable to Plaque Buildup on Teeth!

Keeping your teeth intact ensures your happiness in the long run. We bet everyone would love to have a chance of getting a chew of their favorite food, wouldn’t we? Mark your calendar every 6 months for a dental checkup and of course, never miss your teeth brushing and flossing schedule on a daily. We hope you stay safe and if anything, our dental clinic in Bali is here to help you with all kinds of dental treatments you need. To arrange your first appointment, contact us at +(62)85-100-103-103 or +(62)-823-4085-0485.



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