The world of elderly care is changing. Like so many industries impacted by the pandemic, the way that the caregiving of medical clinic service now approaches their jobs differently, not the same as it was just a few months ago. Since the advent of coronavirus, new protocol, and social distancing have influenced nearly every aspect of caregiving works includes the way the doctor gives the services to the patient. Minimizing contact with others is a clear way to diminish any potential of contracting the virus. Many patients with problem health won’t be going to the hospital or clinic to check their health. Based on this patient’s behavior doctor on call or home visit care service occur as a solution for those who need caregiving service from the doctors. 

           With the fast transformation of technology, having caregiving such as a medical consultation with the doctor now is possible from the comfort of your home. Doctors on-call and online doctor consultations offer revolutionary advantages when it comes to acquiring immediate medical attention. While the practice is gaining traction, it is still surrounded by a few apprehensions. To alleviate the same and help yourself make an informed and possibly, better decisions regarding your health and the health of your family. Although this pandemic situation has a doctor on call service is safer but it still has limitations in carrying out the service. Below is a further explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of doctor-on-call service.



Immediate Medical Attention

Those requiring immediate medical attention will no longer have to wait for it. With doctors on call, expert medical advice is merely a phone call away. This shortening of the response time can mean the difference between life and death in many cases.


Ease of access

Doctors on-call are especially advantageous for disabled patients as they no longer have to travel to the clinic. Not to forget, even for patients that don’t face physical limitations, there is no hassle involved when it comes to seeking medical advice.



A doctor on call is available 24/7, regardless of your location. All you need is a working phone connection and preferably, a working internet connection, and you can connect with your preferred General Physician (GP) almost immediately. This is also advantageous when you are facing an ailment such as cold, allergies, rashes, sprains, strains, or joint pains.


Automated Record Keeping

With online databases in use, there is no need to repeat your medical history or answer the same questions over and again every time you see or talk to a doctor. This is not only convenient but also eliminates any chance of discrepancies occurring in your medical history.



Not always suitable

Sure the doctor on call service is cost-effective and convenient, but it is not always practical. For instance, a full, routine, medical exam of your body is not possible over the phone or through a video call. Similarly, if any samples need to be collected for tests, someone will have to deliver them to the lab.


Not Offered By All Doctors

If you have been consulting a specific doctor regarding an ailment, and switching doctors is not possible, then you will have to ask your GP to be available online. If the doctor does not offer doctor-on-call services, then it may create a bit of a complication. That being said, while some specific doctors may not be available on call, this is a rapidly growing trend, and most specialists can be found and consulted online.


Electronic Glitches

The final limitation of this arrangement is that it is dependent on fragile technology. A simple electronic glitch can withhold you from acquiring the right consult at the right time, or even worse, can cause miscommunication. However, in most modern metropolises and smaller towns, the internet connectivity is seamless, and the chances of lousy connection causing problems are meager.



Doctor on call or home visit care is still beneficial for any patient with a particular condition where the doctor possible to check your condition only by phone or visit your home. Of course, this service will not be running well if you have serious health problems that need further action such as laboratory tests, surgery, x-ray, and any emergency condition. If you facing a condition where you need caregiving service through a doctor on call, make sure that the doctor and professional medical personnel support every health facility you choose. Choose a clinic that accepts services outside with a doctor who is ready to visit you at home too. Worry not, you can trust Puri Medical Bali, we are ready to serve you whenever needed. Our Home Doctor available 24/7 to provide consultations for the best health solutions.

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