Having a beautiful smile and healthy teeth must be everyone’s dreaming, which is why good oral hygiene is essential. To be able to have healthy teeth we need to implement a daily care routine to our teeth such as brush twice a day, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking or use of tobacco, and have a routine dental check-up every 6 months is minimal. But some people mostly just pay attention to regular daily brush the teeth, thus it cannot give the maximal healthy teeth. Because of these habits, the discoloration will appear and at the end, of course, will make us not confident to give a brightening smile in social life.

But you do not need to worry anymore, because now many dental and medical clinics have cosmetic dentistry services that can help you to have beautiful teeth instantly. Cosmetic dentistry is very popular, it can be the solution to our teeth problems because it can provide a long-lasting result that is natural in appearance while also improving the aesthetic and functional aspects of the mouth. The dentist has a wide array of tools and techniques at their disposal for improving the look of your teeth. Puri Medical Clinic is one of the clinics in Bali that provide cosmetic dentistry services. Let’s take a closer look at some of the variety of “cosmetic dentistry services” at Puri Medical Clinic to whiten, brighten and restore your teeth:


Whitening or “tooth bleaching”, is the most common cosmetic dental procedure. It can restore the smile of people with stained or discolored teeth. This whitening service is a safe, fast, and easy process that is effective for almost everyone. While many whitening options are now available, including over-the-counter products, dentist-supervised treatments remain the recommended procedures for lightening discolored teeth. Laser whitening is a teeth whitening technique in which gums are covered with a rubber dam and a bleaching chemical is applied to the teeth. A beam of argon laser, which is intended to accelerate the process of bleaching, is then projected upon the teeth. This laser activates the bleaching chemical and lightens the teeth’ color.


Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that are bonded directly to the teeth. They are an option for closing gaps, enhance the shape, or change the color of teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures. In the majority of the cases, some level of tooth reduction is necessary for optimal results. To achieve a pleasing smile, dentists fabricate diagnostic mock-ups, which act as a tooth preparation guide before the fabrication of veneers, it allows the dentist to visualize the changes needed to be done on the patient’s teeth concerning size, shape and proportion, its relation with gingival-contour, lip contour and smile line. Mockups can be a great aid in fabricating pre-evaluation temporaries, which can give a preliminary evaluation of the esthetics, phonetics, and teeth occlusion, besides, it allows the clinicians to check if they need to do any corrections.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening has become one of the most popular teeth whitening treatments available, for many reasons. One of the main ones is that the results are immediate and long-lasting. With other tooth whitening options, they may take weeks or even months to yield results. They often require you to put in a lot of effort, such as putting a product in your mouth every day or using a special brushing technique or toothpaste. Zoom whitening requires much less of a commitment, and you can have a new smile within days, as opposed to within weeks.


Lumineers is a brand from another type of veneer and is only offered by some dentists. This type of veneer takes less preparation and advanced dental work than traditional veneers. They are often called “no-prep” veneers. Instead of porcelain, they are made of “ultra-thin” laminate. Like traditional veneers, dentists use Lumineers to treat discolored and unusually shaped teeth. They are smooth and slick to the touch. Lumineers are thinner and a bit more translucent than traditional porcelain veneers. The dentist will have a customized set of Lumineers made for your specific treatment needs. Lumineers are semi-permanent. After application, they can be removed with minimal damage to your teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings

Teeth that have been damaged by cavities, cracks, or old and worn-down fillings often need to be treated with a new restoration. A filling is one way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When a dentist gives you a filling, first he will remove the decayed tooth material, cleans the affected area, and then fills the cleaned out cavity with a filling material. By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling also helps prevent further decay. Materials used for fillings include gold, porcelain, a composite resin (tooth-colored fillings), and an amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and sometimes zinc). Tooth-colored fillings are from a composite (plastic) resins material that is matched to be the same color as your teeth. Composite resin fillings are mercury-free. They do not need to require the dentist to remove healthy tissue, and they can be chosen to match the color of your tooth.

That’s all about some cosmetics dentistry services that are available in our clinic. We provide solutions to people who are looking for professional and quality dental treatments at affordable prices, and who want to avoid long waiting lists. In this “Dentistry”, you will be greeted by a highly-qualified dentist. Our dentists do not simply maintain teeth. They can combine the skills of a dentist, with the eye of an artist to transform smiles and renew the confidence of our patients. All of our work is done using modern equipment in a comfortable atmosphere in our office.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment. Our dentists and staff look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve the smile of victory that you have dreamed of!





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