Puri Tips: After Covid-19 Vaccination

This is Puri Tips on what to expect during your Covid-19 Jab and after what we know so far

The discovery of the Covid-19 vaccines is a lifetime wonder especially after what we heard regarding the spike of cases happening in India for the last few months. There are various kinds of vaccines developed by several countries to ward off the virus. You might recognize the vaccine brands of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, and many others. Kindly note that the best vaccine so far is whatever’s existing and put into use in your country. The point is to roll up your sleeve and do the preventive action as soon as possible.

In this post, we provide the insight we have gathered about the hearsays in connection with the situation during and post- Covid-19 vaccination. Check out Puri’s tips for further details below!

Puri Tips on Post- Covid-19 Vaccination

After waiting in queue for your vaccine appointment and finally getting the shot, you will receive a Covid-19 vaccination card. This allows for your future second dose that will take effect around a 3-12 weeks period.  Keep it in safe storage and see to the set date carefully for it is essential to have the entire course in order to reap the full protection benefit.

If you happen to be sick near the time of the vaccine appointment, please wait until you are totally recovered. Be informed that the vaccine is not advisable when you are expecting the result of your Covid-19 test, conducting self-isolation, and are Covid-19 positive.

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Breakthrough Cases Are Rare and Less Severe

There has been a rumor spreading about the proclivity of you catching the virus from the vaccine. Keep in mind that it is not the vaccine that causes this event to occur. There could be a possibility that you ignore the symptoms up to your vaccination. Those are constant cough, fever, and one could lose his normal sense of taste and smell. It is a rule of thumb that there is no vaccine that has a 100% effectiveness rate, so there will be cases in relation to Covid-19 after vaccination.

However, the vaccine will trigger your immunity to establish natural body protection to fight the infection. In the process, it is normal to experience moderate side effects. The hope is to bring a leap of faith that the vaccine can mitigate the severe cases into a milder infection that is much more manageable and to lower the transmission as well.

How long will the vaccine take to develop and last?

The Covid-19 vaccines available in diverse countries have been tested and proven to decrease the serious symptoms of the disease. In the matter of building up the body shield from the vaccination, it may require more than a week. As a vaccine does not have the 100% capacity to prevent the spread, thus, the experts recommend the people stay cautious and observe the existing health protocols. In the meantime, we are not yet clear on when the immunity will last after the given doses from the vaccination. Thorough research is on-demand; the update that we picked up is at a minimum of six months to a year. We hope the herd immunity will soon be on the get-go.

Puri Tips: What to Know About the Side Effects

Generally speaking, we know that every medicine holds its side effect and so does any vaccines. In the case of vaccines, the adverse effects should have been temporary and there might be a chance that you do not get one. Here are what your two days will commonly be like:


Your injected arm area feels a bit sore and swollen

Slight fever and shivering with headache

At this point, you need deep bed-rest for a day or two and take the advised dosage of paracetamol (500mg), and don’t forget your vitamin C.

If the symptoms persist and your physical condition gets even poorer as a week passed you should consult a medical professional. The moment you feel uncertain whom to call, you can refer to your vaccination card and find a number to contact and mention the prolonged symptoms.

Seek your doctor when you experience these symptoms after a few weeks of vaccination:

Worse headache that cannot be cured by your regular over-the-counter medications

Sore chest and stomach, swollen leg, difficulty breathing

Extreme weariness

Visual disturbance followed by a feeling of throw-up or vomit

Puri Tips on How to Get on with Post-Vaccine Life

It is critical to always obey the guidance on Covid-19 prevention to protect our beloved ones even after your vaccination. Practice wearing a mask and keeping in a safe range of distance on your social occasions, you still need to carry your hand sanitizer, do frequent hand washing, and lastly keep your body in shape by performing exercises to boost your immune system.

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