Check out puri tips on the rule of thumb to follow prior to your shot for the Covid-19 vaccine.

As of Monday on May 2021, the distribution of Covid-19 has administered about 24,826,221 doses. More than 5, 5% of the Indonesian population had acquired at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. For those who have had the shot, we are glad to say that you are one step ahead to avoid developing the worst cases due to Covid-19.

For those who have not yet vaccinated, what is holding you back? Several individuals might still be anxious about the side effect and everything. Thus, lingering questions such as how can I reduce the adverse reactions? What to do and not do? Whether it is the right thing to do your daily exercise, enjoy some alcoholic beverages, or supposedly pain does occur what’s the best medicine to take?

For medical concerns that require specific kinds of treatment, it is always wise to seek your doctor. We cover suggestions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help you gain the most of the vaccine in the best possible ways.

Don’t take your non-prescription medicines before the shot

If what you are trying to prevent is the undesirable impact of the Covid-19 vaccine by picking up aspirin, ibuprofen, and many others before the jab, you really should not. The CDC recommends that the after-effect from consuming these over-the-counter medications may interrupt the vaccine’s ability to function properly.  What if the moment you read this, you already took one? It is really something that you should not stress out, given the information above, you will be alright. However, please consider this recommendation carefully. If anything, you can have the anti-inflammatories later on after the shot taking effect to mitigate the uneasiness and sore you could be experiencing.

Can I still hit the bottle?

CDC does not provide any information regarding the reasons you cannot booze up on alcohol the night before and after the shot. Nonetheless, numerous health experts suggest that you should maintain your body in good shape in order for the vaccine to work effectively. Refraining from a tipple at a minimum of two weeks is thus recommended. A notion stated by WHO also emphasizes that alcohol consumption including heavy ones may lower your body immunity.  The developer of the Sputnik vaccine also advises abstinence to be continued after the vaccination for at least 3 days.

Should I reschedule my tattoo appointment?

Provided limited insight in connection with the topic, many tattoo parlors do not have a solid response to the question above. Regardless, Prof. Michael Chang of McGovern Medical School, Houston claims that there is no specific time recommendation in the middle of vaccination and tattoo appointment. Anyhow, a fact for sure is that contraindications owing to tattooing previously or post-vaccination do not relate to how the vaccine would work.

The apprehension arises from the unwanted impacts for both vaccines and tattoos especially in the arm sites that may lead to severe redness and soreness. In reference to this, an internal-medicine certified physician in New York, Sunitha Posina explains how it can be very troubling when the tattooed areas are to be swollen and a proclivity of one to get a low-intensity fever when your tattoo and vaccine appointment is around the exact time. It will be difficult to decide the cause. It is whether the reactions developed from the needles of the vaccine or else of the tattoo. This is the situation we are trying to prevent.

Prioritize Covid-19 Shots

Do not book any other vaccine appointments unless it is necessary. The CDC recommends that the administering of the vaccine Covid-19 alone should be at an interval of two weeks with the other vaccine. In the case of an emergency, for instance, a shot of tetanus, you really should not abort it.

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Cancel your exercise routine

Although working out on your body can inspire your immunity and boost it up. It is a must that you should not push it when you are not feeling it. Instead, be mindful of your physical state and opt for a deep rest to prepare yourself even better.

Hydration is of utmost importance too

Keep your body well-hydrated is part of taking care of your immune system. Drink an adequate amount of water to sustain your body function and to get an effective result of the vaccine. It is also beneficial to store some water around you as a reminder to observe your drinking habit.

Wear simple clothes upon your vaccination 

Typically the administrator will be very grateful to have you wearing clothes with easy access to the area that is about to get shot, i.e. your upper arm. The right outfit also allows the vaccination process to run smoothly. At this point, consider putting on a short-sleeve top. ­­­­­­

Follow Puri Tips by Puri Medical Bali to stay safe on your vaccination

Make sure you have the list above all checked before you getting the jab. The last but not least, if you are under the situation of mass vaccination, always ensure to implement 5M. Moreover, once you are vaccinated for the first dose, do not lose the vaccination card. Save it somewhere secure. In your critical situations, do not hesitate to contact Puri Medical Bali through our number +(62)85-100-103-103  for excellent medical aids. It is always an honor for us to give you the help you need at any of your convenience.





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