Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally by Puri Medical Clinic in Bali

Keeping your body in its prime state requires a boost especially when you have loads of work to do. Things do get hard amid the pandemic, even to go outside now. It’s better not to when you are feeling under the weather or you’ll risk yourself being exposed to the hazardous virus that you might catch from anyone you meet. But to produce the immunity itself, what are the tricks? Here are our tips to boost your immune system naturally.

Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Keep on reading to find out recommendations by Puri Medical Clinic in Bali to prevent you against illness with easy regimens that you can include on your daily basis.

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#1 Stay Hydrated

How many should we drink water in a day? It is advisable for us to consume at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water intake, however, depends on your need. When you’re super active, you might gulp some more. The point is to not let our body dehydrated. We have known how decent water benefits are for the kidneys and for our brains. Drinking water allows our body to function properly and it eases the excretion process by the kidneys to discharge toxins through our urines.

#2 Lower Stress Level

There’s nothing good coming from stress. It hinders our productivity as well as takes a toll on our physical health. With a high stress level, you might experience fatigue and headache as well. Detox your mind by doing your hobbies, practicing yoga, reveling in your favorite book, or having a rejuvenating massage; give yourself a treat. If it means going on holiday, you’d better find out the safest way possible to arrange a holiday during the pandemic soon. Cheer up and do whatever you can to recharge the barrel.  One of the best tips to boost your immune system naturally is to not let what bothers your mind lowers it somehow.

#3 Work out Some Sweat

It’s always nice to perform some stretching and training our body with good exercise after hard work. Not only known for its effectiveness in promoting cardiovascular health, it also keeps us in shape and happy. Everything’s easier when we’re happy and so is our blood circulation. Meanwhile, blocked blood circulation prevents the substances from our immune system to thoroughly spread in our body, thus our immune system cannot work like how it should be.

#4 Include Probiotics in Your Diet

Not all bacteria possess a threat to our health. When given the proper amount, it can boost our immunity greatly. Probiotics have been popular for their health benefits to the immune and digestive systems. Since long ago, we have been befriending these microorganisms. Picking and fermenting methods exist and this alone has proven our belief in this practice, that it contributes a lot to our health. We can find probiotics in fermented raw milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, lassi, kimchi, tempeh, tofu, natto, kombucha, kefir, and many others. Dosage is necessary in this case; therefore it’s wise to always refer to the recommended dosage by the manufacturers.

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#5 Get Enough Sleep

By enough, we mean more than 3 and 4 hours. These days, people would gladly force their eyes out staring at the screen before them to pursue their ambition. However, we should not normalize sleep deprivation. During sleeping, our body goes through regeneration and dead cells renewal. Therefore, try to establish a good habit of sleeping early when you have nothing else to do. Put off your phone for a while and recover your sight. Having a well-rested body will strengthen your immunity and also boost your productivity for the next day.

#6 Limit Yourself from Processed Foods

A well-balanced diet does not only benefit your metabolism but also your overall health. Foods high in fibers, good proteins, and complex carbohydrates provide the nutrients needed by your body to produce a decent immune system. If you are used to consuming processed foods high in artificial sugars and bad cholesterol, reduce the consumption little by little. Be mindful of what you give to your body. It is easy for you to be overweight and catch an illness when you’re being reckless with what you eat.

That’s Our Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally!

We hope our tips to boost your immune system naturally can inspire you to start now seeing how easy it is to maintain your immunity. Also, it basically costs you zero to give them a try.

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