Puri Medical BaliHistory

What started as a small family practice by Dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih in Kerobokan district-Bali in 2012 has grown into a 24/7 medical facility serving the local community, as well as tourists in the area.

This impressive growth was in response to high demands from the local community.Dr. Ni Putu and her colleagues have established what is known as Puri Medical family practice. Since its inception, many changes have been made in order to increase the quality of the healthcare services provided.

Today, Puri Medical is known as a reliable and qualified medical facility named Puri Medical Clinic (PMC). PMCis licensed to provide a variety of healthcare services; which includes an emergency department, a 24/7 outpatient clinic, a dentistry unit, a laboratory, and an ambulance transport.


Our vision for Puri Medical Clinic is to become more advanced, excellent, and to be the top choice for the people in Kerobokan and its surrounding areas in the year of 2024 and for years to come.


  1. Provide promotive, preventive, and curative healthcare
  2. Provide optimal healthcare that focus on quality and patient safety
  3. Provide a healthcare system that is effective, efficient, and professional
  4. Maintaining the highest level of patient satisfaction


Provide excellent healthcare to our patients and the local community

“ We serve your health with excellence!”

Core Values

 P: Professional and Compassionate

We adhere to professional standards and feel compassion in caring our patients

 U: Unggul – Excellent

We ensure the highest standards and excellent outcomes for our patients

 R: Respect

We respect our patients, fellow staff members, management team, and the local community

 I : Initiative

We drive small and large changes to improve the quality of healthcare and our services in Puri Medical Clinic

The Purpose of the Organization:

  1. Encourage our staff active participation in improving the quality of health care delivered to our patients, with the support of professional and committed employees that have strong work ethic, and with adequate infrastructure.
  2. Increase collaboration with other health organizations, including privately- or government-owned organizations.
  3. Introducing products and healthcare services in Puri Medical Clinic to the public through various efforts including content and visual marketing; collaboration with social media platforms, service promotion, endorsement, google business, custom printed banner, billboard, and home care services.
  4. To create and accommodate a learning environment for our general practitioners, dentists, and other young medical professionals or medical students by following the rules of healthcare professional associations/organizations and medical competency standards in Indonesia.

Our goals are:

Provide optimal clinical outcomes
Maintain a high level of patient and family satisfaction
Provide an environment that promotes patient recovery

Our Founder

    1. dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih

Our Doctors

    1. Medical Director: Dr. I Wayan Eka Wardana
    2. Dentist :
      • Drg. I.B. Budiarsa Ratmaja
      • Drg. Ni Putu Ayu Ratih Yoga Saraswati
    3. General Practitioners :
      • dr. I Wayan Eka Wardana
      • dr. Putu Trahinari Satvika Rumthi
      • dr. Gusti Ngurah Suryadana
      • dr. Pande Putu Bagus Mahendra Yasa

Active Partnerships:

  • BPJS Kesehatan (Indonesian Social Security Agency of Health)
  • KBS/ Krama Badung Sehat (Badung Regency Health Insurance Program)
  • SEASONS BALI, Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center