What started as a small family practice by Dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih in Kerobokan district-Bali in 2012 has grown into a 24/7 medical facility serving the local community, as well as tourists in the area.

This impressive growth was in response to high demands from the local community.Dr. Ni Putu and her colleagues have established what is known as Puri Medical family practice. Since its inception, many changes have been made in order to increase the quality of the healthcare services provided.

Today, Puri Medical is known as a reliable and qualified medical facility named Puri Medical Clinic (PMC). PMCis licensed to provide a variety of healthcare services; which includes an emergency department, a 24/7 outpatient clinic, a dentistry unit, a laboratory, and an ambulance transport.

Vision / Mission Statement

When taking care of our patients, we follow our main principles; a high standard of medical service, high quality, and reliability of medical care, integrity, respect and being open with our patients. This is why patients of PMC have repeatedly come back for medical treatment and continue to recommend us to others. This affirms the high level of care we wish to achieve.

The development of Puri Medical Clinic has always been accommodating the needs of our patients. The last couple of years we have thrived as a clinic, resulting in us to remain open 24 hours a day and allowing us to be ready to help with serious cases at any time of day. We hope to continue this expansion of services into the immediate future.

Our goals are:

Provide optimal clinical outcomes
Maintain a high level of patient and family satisfaction
Provide an environment that promotes patient recovery

Our Doctors

    1. Medical Director: Dr. I Wayan Eka Wardana
    2. Dentist :
      • Drg. I Nyoman Wirata Mimba
      • Drg. Ni Putu Ayu Ratih Yoga Saraswati
    3. Physician :
      • Dr. I Wayan Eka Wardana
      • Dr. Chandra Wijaya Setiawan
      • Dr. I Made Ryan Hendrayana

Active Partnerships:

– Seasons Bali, Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center
– Kyoai Bali Laboratory
– BIMC Hospital
– Siloam Hospital