Puri Medical Clinic located near Canggu, Batu Belig, Kerobokan, and Seminyak, Puri Medical Clinic is recognized as one of the outpatient clinics that provide gynecological care. Our doctors provide routine and basic gynecological care aimed at maintaining health and treating diseases.
We value collaborative decision making as the most effective way to give every woman the right care for her.

We provide the following services;
– Contraception procedure

    1. Intrauterine Device/IUD removal or insertion (by appointment only) The best time to perform the procedure is on the 5th to 8th day of menstruation.
    2. Implants (by appointment only)
    3. Birth control pills (oral contraceptive pills/OCP).

– Pap smear (by appointment only)

In order to achieve an optimal result, pap smear procedure should be carried out under the following conditions;

    1. Patient is not menstruating
    2. The best time to do a Pap Smear is 1-2 weeks after menstruation
    3. The patient must refrain from having sexual intercourse at least 1-3 days prior to a Pap Smear test. Sex within 24 hours before the test may cause inflammation of the tissue.
    4. The patient must not use any cleaning products or any medications that require application inside the vagina (e.g. Contraceptive cream, vaginal jellies, spermicidal foam)
    5. No douching for 2-3 days before a Pap Smear test as douching can wash away surface cells.
    6. Having vaginal infection and taking certain medicines such as tetracycline may affect your pap smear test result.

– Sexual transmitted infection (STI) testing
– Blood work
– If needed, we also could provide you with a referral to a trusting and competent gynecologist

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