For almost 10 years our doctors have been providing consultations for those in need of assistance in dealing with alcohol and drug addiction.

Since Puri Medical was established in 2012, it’s founder, dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih S.Ked has shown a keen interest in helping people with alcohol and drug addictions. She has been successful in managing withdrawal treatments, some in collaboration with addiction specialists (psychiatrists), in various outpatient settings, at fully accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Bali, such as Seasons Bali which formerly known as Yayasan Bali Nurani (YBN) and Sivana Bali.

Over the last couple years, many general practitioners have joined Puri medical Clinic’s team in providing consultations and outpatient treatment program for our patients.

Due to the sensitive nature of addiction, many people are still afraid to seek help. The difficulty of finding a qualified medical facility who can provide addiction treatment in a comfortable environment is also an issue in Bali. Puri Medical Clinic’s team believe that many people who wish to be clean of drugs and alcohol would want a smooth withdrawal process and their privacy maintained during the rehabilitation program.