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We provide solutions to people who are looking for professional and quality dental treatments at affordable prices. In this Dentistry, you will be greeted by a highly-qualified dentist.


All appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need, and the team members who will care for you or your family have the expertise and skills to provide the best care possible.

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Welcome to Puri Medical Clinic!

Established in 2012, and located in one of the most popular destinations in Bali. Our clinic has been providing qualified primary medical care to the local community and people traveling Bali from around the world.

We are committed to your health and well-being, offering the very latest in comprehensive evidence-based care. We also provide care with compassion and enthusiasm that will ensure you get our very best. Our motto is “serving your health with excellence,” which simply means that we treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Our clinic is open seven days a week and offers a convenient walk-in or appointment hours. These hours are early mornings or evenings, which accommodates your busy schedules.



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“Serving Your Health With Excellence!.”

— Dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih

About us


What started as a small family practice by Dr. Ni Putu Lantiningsih in Kerobokan district-Bali in August 2012 has grown into a 24/7 medical facility serving the local community, as well as tourists in the area.

This impressive growth was in response to high demands from the local community.Dr. Ni Putu and her colleagues have established what is known as Puri Medical family practice. Since its inception, many changes have been made in order to increase the quality of the healthcare services provided.

Today, Puri Medical is known as a reliable and qualified medical facility named Puri Medical Clinic (PMC). PMCis licensed to provide a variety of healthcare services; which includes an emergency department, a 24/7 outpatient clinic, a dentistry unit, a laboratory, and an ambulance transport.

Our License :

Our goals are:

  • Provide optimal clinical outcomes
  • Maintain a high level of patient and family satisfaction
  • Provide an environment that promotes patient recovery
  • Language English

Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr. Lantiningsih

    Dr. Lantiningsih

  • Dr. Chandra

    Dr. Chandra

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