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Emergency Medicine is a vital component of medical care. Our emergency department is open 24 hours 7 days a week and provides care from minor lacerations to cardiac arrest. We have a firm commitment to ensure that every patient that arrives to our emergency department receives fast, efficient, and professional care in a comfortable and healing environment.

In August of 2013, Puri Medical Clinic implemented an on-call doctor 24/7 service that provides care for patients that are in critical condition or in need of urgent medical care at their place of residence.

This service provides the following:

  • An immediate house call visit from the medical team, and if necessary a referral to a nearby specialty facility.
  • Express laboratory tests at home visit. These results are reported to the patient by phone or email with prior authorization from the patient.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic investigation that is done at the home visit .
  • If needed a rapid medical evacuation.

Puri Medical’s team of doctors have a vast array of experience in the area of urgent medical care. This team has resources like fully equipped ambulance vehicles that have modern medical equipment and medications on board at their disposal.

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