At these uncertain times, visiting your regular doctor can be very stressful and overwhelming. Our health is at risk of getting worse if it is conflicted by microscopic droplets of the virus among us. Especially Covid-19 virus that is very happening nowadays. Since 2020, various campaigns have been on the roll. One of them is to practice physical distancing. Moreover, there is also a considerable number of warnings we find almost everywhere noticing us not going out a lot. The reason is mainly to halt the spread. However, when it comes to health, we cannot just let slip our foremost priority. This is where on-call or more familiarized with the term home visit becoming very handy. Puri Medical Clinic also offers this service as the alternative to direct doctor-patient meetings at the hospital.

Holistic Purposes of On-Call Service

On-call service at Puri Medical Clinic has been around for quite some time. The purpose at the beginning is similar up to now. It is to give our respected patients the best shortcut to the lengthy process of waiting for their medical assistance to be delivered. However, the extension of on-call service somehow gains more popularity as Covid-19 goes along. It is the best solution there is. We are aware that hospitals already get the notoriety of being filled with sickness. With corona, it hikes up the fear of our patients.

The concern right now in our perspective is those with fatal illnesses where constant assessments and treatments are a must-do. The missing appointments result in them not having their proper regular checkup and the medicines required. Hence, it might lead their illness to the worst and we, medical professionals are afraid of the increasing number of untreated patients out there. The sad news is they hesitate to go to the doctor because their anxiety of covid is way bigger than their severe records of chronic diseases left untreated.

Physical Distancing Campaign Affects the Change of Hospital Policy

Campaigns related to Covid-19 promoted in Indonesia certainly affect shutdown in many public places. It includes the new regulations established concerning work from home, school from home, and many others. In general, the government tries to suppress the number of people infected by the virus. This too alters the policy in several hospitals causing the patients to not get their essential handlings. The limited medical personnel and the psychological terror by Covid 19 are the urgency we need to emphasize.

How is it easy and brings more convenience to us?

Aside from the reasons above, our on-call is mostly favored by those who suffer from disabilities, elderlies, and patients with the disadvantages of fatal illnesses. The waiting can be overbearing for these people. We also understand the difficulty of commuting when standing up is already stressing up to do. It brings more convenience to our patients to just stay where they are now and rest more. It gives us the spirit to deliver our prime services from the comfort of their home. To ensure they achieve the care they necessitate and to fight off the virus, we believe can be done equally.

On-Call at Puri Medical Clinic

On-call service at Puri Medical Clinic is available 24/7. The easy access to medical assistance can induce the feeling of safety by our patients. In the long run, we hope that this will boost their positivity to focus more on their recovery instead of dreading Covid-19. On-call service at Puri Medical Clinic is also very suitable for our patients who are time-restricted. To reserve the appointment with your specialized doctor is only a call away at our phone number + (62) 85 100 103 103 or an email via [email protected] here to learn more about our on-call service at Puri Medical Clinic.


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