You probably have a busy and hectic day. While you may never think about something as dreary as the dentist. But, who knows you have a dental health problem. Remember that dental health is important. Please set your regular 6-month visit to keeping your teeth and gums in good condition. The American Dental Association recommended seeing your dentist at least two times each year.

The following reasons why you should visit a dentist every 6 months:

  1. Clean Teeth

Brushing your teeth every day is not enough. You also have to keep your oral health hygienic in the proper way. Your dentist can show you the proper way to brush and floss your teeth. A healthy set of teeth is a crucial part of enhancing your appearance. The dental hygienist will clean up your teeth by removing dental plaque and tartar while making suggestions on your daily oral health routine.

  1. Diagnosis of Tooth Decay

This is the main reason to visit the dental clinic regularly. These issues may seem minor at first, but they can lead to more serious problems and even major dental concerns if they are not addressed early.

  1. Early Diagnosis For Severe Dental Disease

Early diagnosis of dental diseases can help save your life. The National Institutes of Health report that over 30.000 Americans suffer from oral cancer each year. The dentist will help to screen your teeth and mouth regularly. Oral cancer is known to spread quickly but can be easily countered if detected early.

  1. Find Problems Under the Surface With X-Rays

One of the advantages of visiting the dentist regularly is getting your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed. X-ray images allow dental professionals to see what is happening beneath the surfaces of your mouth, and diagnose issues that may be invisible. Finding the damage of the jawbone, or tooth decay as soon as possible is critical to properly treat them.

  1. Keeping Bad Habits in Check

Several bad habits can interfere with your dental health. Some of these habits include chewing ice, biting your nails, clenching your jaw, eating sticky or hard sweets, drinking coffee and red wine, and of course smoking. Your dentist can check for any oral damage caused by these habits. Visiting the dentist allows you to fix the damage that has already been done, and help your oral health be the best it can be.

Dental professionals are not only concerned with fixing teeth. They will clean your teeth, aim to ensure you’re your teeth and gums are healthy. Dental professionals make sure that your bones are strong, and will help you correct any habits that may be sabotaging your oral health.

Puri Medical Dental Clinic

We provide solutions to people who are looking for professional and quality dental treatments at affordable prices, and who want to avoid long waiting lists. In this Dentistry, you will be greeted by a highly-qualified dentist. Our dentists do not simply maintain teeth. They are able to combine the skills of a dentist, with the eye of an artist to transform smiles and totally renew the confidence of our patients. We offer many preventative, routine, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services to our patients. All of our work is done using modern equipment in a comfortable atmosphere in our office.

Don’t hesitate to call Puri Medical today at +6285100103103, or to visit our office to make an appointment. Our dentists and staff look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile you have always wanted!

Our Services:


Regular checks will now prevent more serious problems in the future, such as cavities or gum disease. To keep your victory life throughout the day, Puri Medical Clinic provides care:

  • Comprehensive dental examination
  • Professional cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Fillings
  • Sealant
  • Extraction
  • Dental crown
  • Nitrogen
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Child Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Root canal


Have a smile of victory!

Puri Medical Clinic offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to whiten, brighten and restore your teeth.

  • Zoom
  • Lumineers
  • Tooth whitening
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Veneers


If you feel that it is not right for your teeth and want to correct the discomfort in your teeth, Puri Medical Clinic can help your needs to achieve the smile you dream of.

  • Traditional Orthodontics
  • Remove straightener

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