Understanding OB-GYN

OB-GYN stands for obstetrician-gynecologist. This interprets that these healthcare professionals major in two medicine studies.  The term obstetrician refers to a branch of study obstetrics. It is a branch of medicine and surgery concerning women pregnancy, birth delivery, and the new-mother postpartum treatment. Gynecology, on the other hand, relates to the branch of medicine dealing with female reproductive health including the areas of vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.

Aside from being midwives, OB-GYNs are also women’s experts that provide reproductive healthcare for women. They support their female patients through their complex biological phases from menstruation, childbirth, and menopause. According to healthline.com, as much as 90 percent of OB-GYNs are generalist and the rest may have subspecialty on fields such as those specialize in pregnancies that have a high risk related to medical conditions, infertility, cancer diagnosis and treatment for female reproductive system, and etc.

Dedicated study of a bachelor degree with the addition of medical training for four years as a resident concentrating on obstetrics and gynecology is needed for one to be an OB-GYN. In the course of their residency, they are supervised by a doctor. Moreover, it will take another three years and they also have to pass the certification exam supposedly they wish to be majored in a specialized area.

When You Should Visit your OB-GYN?

To put the work line simply, obstetrics deals with pregnancy medical care while gynecology focuses on diseases befalling the female reproductive organs.

You do not have to be expecting a baby or going through female-reproductive-tract-related diseases to be able to visit your OB-GYN. Our gynecologists at Puri Medical Bali provide consultation service where you can inquire topics related to sex, pregnancy, and numerous others. We also carry out early preventive reproductive healthcare such as:

STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) testing, breast cancer, Pap smear (cervical cancer testing), blood work, and fertility control through contraception procedures.

Female Life Phases

Women are special, and there is no argument to that! As unique creatures, they experience their whole life in more complicated phases than men do. Consequently, they are prone to reproductive diseases. Our gynecologists can detect the early stage of deadly reproductive tract diseases for instance cervical cancer that is the 2nd common type of cancer encountered by women all around the world. We are more than happy to save the lives of our female patients by our various preventive testing services.

In the course of their womanhood, physical and chemical changes prepare their body for the beginning of the natural reproductive stage.  They are the future mothers, and the divinity has blessed them to undergo child-bearing and child-delivery. Eventually, there is a moment when they lose their capacity to fertility in their menopause as well. This profession allows them to have female patients of all ages.

The Specialist that Congratulates and Send You Good News

To be an OB-GYN is such a life-calling and holistic event. This specialty allows OB-GYNs to dedicate their life to attend to the primary health care of women in their stages of life. They also get to connect with women of all ages a lot more –wellness, emotional and mental. Their female patients entrust them with secrets and fears as well. This has given them the impression of a close friend, and they indeed are.

The exciting aspect of this work is to be part of the motherhood journey. They get to confirm your pregnancy and witness the miracle of baby development within the womb. Furthermore, they enlighten these mothers-to-be on caring for their infants, maintaining their health, console, and ensuring these women of their happiness and loss. Ultimately, they also get to help to bring life into the world. They gain trust and bond invaluable relationships with these patients. After what OB-GYNs devote their life to, how can women not love them?

Gynecologists at Puri Medical Bali

Trust your treatment, reproductive organs maintenance, and pregnancy in the right hand. Gynecologists at Puri Medical Bali will be by your side providing prime solutions for your medical concerns. Our doctors understand and will not make you feel judged and respect your confidential matters.

Schedule your appointment with our gynecologists. Contact us at our phone number +(62) 85 100 103 103 or send us an email via [email protected].

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