The Importance of Maintaining Oral Health During a Pandemic is crucial to discuss. Most of us carry out health protocols to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus around us. Apart from carrying out health protocols, we are encouraging to maintain our health by eating nutritious foods and exercising. Healthy food and drinks must also is processing hygienically so that the body is not attack the diseases digestion. When we are diligent in exercising and eating nutritious and hygienic food, we will reduce bodies chances of developing the disease. During a pandemic like this, maintaining health is the most important thing to do to reduce the possibility of contracting the Covid-19 virus infection. Maintaining oral health is essential to do, because it is the first entry point for your food and drinks.

Maintain your oral health for maintaining your healthy body. The parts of the mouth that should keeping the cleanness include our teeth, gums, and tongue. Teeth and gums function to grind the food we eat to make it easier for our bodies to digest. Our tongue produces saliva to aid in the peristaltic process as food travels to our digestion. All organs in our mouth have a significant role in absorbing food and drink in our body. Maintaining oral health is essential. Every food and drink we consume is keeping clean, so your body is healthier and is protected from infection by viruses from the food and beverages we consume. Here are tips for maintaining oral health:

Diligently Brush your teeth at least three times a day.

Regularly brushing your teeth can clean your teeth from bacteria from the food debris that we consume in our mouths. Brush your teeth three times a day is something you can try to become a culture to maintain oral health. Brushing your teeth in the morning shower helps protect your mouth when you want to start your daily routine. Therefore, your teeth are clean and fresh before breakfast and lunch. Toothbrush in the afternoon shower helps clean up the leftovers that you consumed this afternoon. Brush your teeth at night or before going to bed to help your teeth from leftover food at dinner when you sleep. You don’t worry that your teeth will one day be hollow because you are diligently brushing your teeth before going to bed.

Gargling with mouthwash

Gargling with mouthwash can help you maximize your toothbrush result to help clean food residue inside your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach. It also will helps to maintain and clean the gums and tongue so that no food residue sticks to it, resulting in a dirty mouth and a bad smell.

Be diligent in scaling to clean tartar.

Scaling is a way of cleaning our mouths by cleaning stubborn tartar due to dirt from food debris that has accumulated in our mouths. Scaling once a year or twice a year can help maintain your maximum oral health so that your mouth remains clean and hygienic. It can also get rid of foul odors caused by tartar stubbornly in your mouth. It can only be done in clinics that have trusted dentist services and have sufficient facilities to perform scaling. Talking about scaling will not be separated from the dentist who will help you to do the scaling process.

The process of scaling or cleaning tartar must be done with a trusted dentist in a clinic with adequate facilities. Puri Medika Bali is the right clinic for those of you who want to maintain your oral health by means of scaling with a trusted dentist. Complete facilities and professional doctors can make you more comfortable when you want to do scaling. What are you waiting for? Immediately preserve your oral health by scaling with professional doctors with puri medical clinics.

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