Holidays will not be complete if you haven’t tasted the special culinary delights of the regions we visit. The cuisines that we usually visit have many different characteristics. Foods that are commonly used as culinary tours are foods that have spices and seasonings that only grow in the area or foods that are processed in a unique and different way than usual. Culinary tourism provides its own experience and nuance for those of you who like an adventure to taste the dishes from the various regions you visit.


In a culinary tour, you also have to consider the health of your body. The food we usually eat is different from the characteristics of culinary foods that we find when we are on holiday enjoying culinary tours in that area. Cooked spices sometimes do not match our stomach and tongue so they can cause side effects that can be stomach upset or tongue infection. Cooking spices will have an effect and react on our tongue because the spices we eat have never been consumed and experienced by the body before. Our stomachs are also very easy to react to if the food we eat is not processed hygienically or is processed differently from our usual food processing. Here’s how to anticipate the side effects of the culinary foods we consume.

1. Make sure the food is Hygienic
Cleanliness of food raw materials is important to maintain a healthy stomach and digestive condition. Make sure before you go on a culinary tour, you must know that the food is safe and hygienic enough to eat or you have researched how to process the food menu. If the culinary food dishes that you like are hygienic, then you can eat them. Also, make sure you wash your hands before starting to eat culinary foods.

2. Make sure you know the spices of the food menu
Seasoning is a major factor to find out about the raw materials of these culinary delights, will it make your tongue and stomach react or not? For example, if you are not familiar to eat spicy food, but the taste of the culinary specialties in the area has spices that tend to be spicy, you should be able to anticipate it. Find out how to keep exploring culinary foods while on holiday without worry. Learn to anticipate the worst when you might eat something wrong or be allergic to some menus.

3. Make sure you know the nearest clinic for first aid
The clinic is the first aid when your body condition is disturbed or you have an infection and allergy to something. The clinic must have good and proper health standards and have good service, therefore everyone who comes to the clinic can be served and handled properly.


The clinic is the first aid when you feel pain or have a minor accident in your body, it becomes important when you are on holiday. Especially for those of you who are on holiday in Bali. Make sure you are looking for a good and trusted clinic and have quality service. International standard health facilities can make you believe that the clinic has international credibility so you don’t have to be afraid to visit. Many foreign tourists have a holiday to Bali to experience the beauty of a holiday in Bali enjoying the scenery and culinary delights but don’t know what if something happens to them and which clinics with international standards can be handled properly.


Puri Medical is the first option that deserves your consideration. The clinic located in Canggu, Bali, and has international standard health facilities. It located close to the center of tourism in Bali so that you can reach it when you are traveling and suddenly something happens, Puri Medical is ready to be a solution and serve you wholeheartedly. Good facilities are not the only advantages they have. Puri Medical is assisted by expert medical personnel who can help treat you quickly and precisely. Health facility services such as ambulances are also a top priority as the first service during an emergency. Puri Medical trusted and fast handler clinic in Bali. Contact us if you have an emergency condition while holidaying in Bali.

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